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Spotlight on Israeli gastronomy at Taste of Dubai culinary festival

February 05, 2023

'It is a great honor to bring a little taste of Israel to Taste of Dubai'

The Consulate General of Israel in Dubai was invited to participate in the international culinary festival Taste of Dubai for the first time, which is taking place from February 3 to 5 in the United Arab Emirates.

For the occasion, chef Tom Aviv made the trip to the UAE to present traditional Israeli dishes, to which he added a touch of modernity, including his personal version of the essential Shabbat fish called "Chraime Pasta." 

Aviv, who is the first Israeli chef to take part in a culinary festival in the United Arab Emirates since the signing of the Abraham Accords in September 2020, said: "I am proud and delighted to represent Israel and its cuisine for the first time. at a food festival in Dubai, it's a great honor to bring a little taste of Israel to Taste of Dubai."

"Chef Aviv will introduce the public to Israeli cuisine, which is actually the result of the fusion of gastronomy from different regions of the world," said Liron Zaslansky, Consul General of Israel in Dubai.

"This is an important step to acquaint the local population with the richness of Israeli culture, and the first of many kinds of events in the future," she said.

The Taste of Dubai food festival is considered the most important in the Persian Gulf region, and one of the most respected in the Middle East. It brings together the region's top culinary experts, including Michelin-starred chefs and leading restaurant owners.

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