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Orthodox singer Narkis stuns as Israeli wins best designer at Dubai fashion festival

October 31, 2021

By Tzvi Joffre

Israeli music and design came together at the World Fashion Festival Awards in Dubai, with Ilanit Mizrahi winning best designer

Israeli singer Narkis, a religiously observant Jew, performed at the World Fashion Festival Awards in Dubai on Saturday during a runway walk showing off dresses by Israeli designer Ilanit Mizrahi, who ended up winning first place at the fashion week for best bridal designer.

Narkis performed her song "Holechet Itcha" (Walking with You) in both Hebrew and Arabic while wearing a dress with the Emirati and Israeli flags embroidered on it.

"Holechet Itcha has also arrived in Dubai," wrote Narkis on Instagram. "Much respect to Israel.

"May we merit to get to more moments like this. Believe in yourselves," wrote Mizrahi. "Israel is on the map."

Video shared on Instagram showed Mizrahi with a crowd at the awards show after receiving her award, dancing to the Hebrew song "Mitzvah Gedolah L'hiyot B'Simcha" ("It is a Great Commandment to be Happy") and a series of other Hebrew songs.

This was the first time that Israel took part in the fashion show. Mizrahi was joined by a number of other Israeli designers, including Laura Bouznah, Reut Atias, Liat Lukatch, Ilanit Reuven, Eden Aharon and Rachel H, among others.

The designers and Narkis weren't the only Israelis to have a part in the show, as the Israeli i24 news served as the show's media partner.

The World Fashion Festival Awards has a stated goal of establishing "sustainable bridges between the worldwide countries and the UAE (Middle East Hub) by Recognizing, Promoting and Awarding the BEST achievements in the field of art, beauty, culture and fashion."

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