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Jared Kushner, NGO leaders sign Abraham Accords memorandum in Abu Dhabi

December 12, 2021

By Jerusalem Post Staff

Representatives from the AAPI and the Sharaka initiative on Wednesday signed a memorandum of understanding in order to promote the goals of the Abraham Accords.

A memorandum of understanding resolving to build upon the foundation of the Abraham Accords was overseen by former US presidential advisor Jared Kushner and signed by representatives from the Abraham Accords Peace Institute (AAPI) and the Sharaka NGO in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.
The groups agreed to promote cultural and economic ties among Abraham Accord states, which includes bringing influencers across different fields and expertise to experience their fellow Accord countries.

The MoU holds that new areas of cooperation will be explored, including academic exchanges and work with universities, high schools and youth groups. The leaders also expressed interest in further environmental and athletics cooperation between the Accords countries.

The memorandum, signed by Sharaka co-founder and CEO Amit Deri and AAPI Executive Director and President Robert Greenway, aimed to further strengthen ties between the signatories of the Abraham Accords. Besides Kushner, senior figures in the Emirati policy community were also present.

“The agreement is an extension of the Abraham accords, meant to help spread peace as a model for others to emulate," said co-founder of Sharaka and UAE CEO, Dr. Majid Al Sarrah. "Our brave leaders took the historic decision of pursuing peace for a better and more prosperous future and we must continue these efforts. The Abraham Accords Peace Institute is a key player in continuing to promote these historic accords. By cooperating, we can help spread this message to all and show them the beauty of what can be achieved through peaceful relations.” 

Kushner, who played a key role in organizing the accords, was an AAPI founder, 

AAPI's goal is to "ensure that [the relationships between Abraham Accords countries] achieve their fullest potential and to counter the propaganda and adverse perceptions that have allowed the Arab-Israeli conflict to continue," according to Alhurra.

“The Abraham Accords were built on a vision of people-to-people peace between Israel and the nations of the region," said Greenway. "Sharaka is playing a very important role in making that vision a reality, and we look forward to working together.

Sharaka is a non-profit organization, with chapters across Accord countries, that organizes delegations between Accord countries to build a cultural and social basis for peace and relations beyond government policy. 

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