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Israel’s Herzog thanks Morocco for saving Jews during Holocaust

December 27, 2022

'When millions of Jews faced the horrors of the Holocaust in the 20th century, King Mohammed V provided a safe haven for his Jewish subjects'

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog expressed “gratitude and appreciation” to Morocco’s King Mohammed VI and his people for providing a “safe haven” for Moroccan Jews during the Holocaust in a letter that was shared with media on Tuesday. 

This was the first time the Jewish state official paid tribute to the Moroccan monarchy for their actions during World War II. The letter, which marked two years since the Arab state normalized ties with Israel by signing the U.S.-mediated Abraham Accords, was dated December 22. 

Herzog thanked the king and “the people of Morocco who, for generations, have acted to protect the security, welfare and cultural heritage of the kingdom's Jewish community."

"When millions of Jews faced the horrors of the Holocaust in the 20th century, King Mohammed V provided a safe haven for his Jewish subjects," the president underlined. "Wherever they are, Moroccan Jews recall with pride and affection the memory of your grandfather, His Majesty King Mohammed V, who is remembered as the protector and guardian of Jews in his realm."

Mohammed V refused to implement anti-Jewish laws ordered by France's pro-German Vichy government during World War II. Herzog also noted Jews being welcomed in Morocco after their expulsion from Spain in the late 15th century.

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