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Israeli, UAE firms join forces to recruit top tech workers

June 18, 2023

Israeli and UAE companies have joined forces to form a tech recruitment platform, the latest bilateral joint venture stemming from the 2020 Abraham Accords normalization agreement.

Established by Herzliya-based investment firm Viola Group and AI companies in Abu Dhabi G42 which will provide a recruiting platform covering a wide range of technical positions, including niche specialties such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, the partnership aims to provide international companies with resources to recruit leading tech candidates, creating a rapidly growing recruiting ecosystem for global start-ups.

Companies can use the platform to recruit Abu Dhabi-based employees and integrate them virtually into their workspaces.

“We believe this initiative will have a significant impact on the region’s development. Technology will continue to be an important force in global transformation and now is the time to invest in infrastructure that will provide best-in-class technology to tech companies in Israel and around the world talents to drive their future growth and support their activities in the region,” said Avi Zeevi, Viola co-founder and general partner.

G42 CEO Peng Xiao welcomed the partnership, seeing it as an opportunity to boost Abu Dhabi’s growth.

“As companies begin to operate in the region, we believe it will drive economic growth and empower the next generation of technology leaders locally and globally,” Shaw said.

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