Economic Impact

Israel records $12.5 billion in defense exports, 25% to Arab neighbors

June 15, 2023

By Jonah Jeremy Bob

Abraham Accords countries gave a boost to the State of Israel's defense exports.

The Defense Ministry on Wednesday announced a record $12.556 billion in defense exports during 2022, with Israel getting a boost from new Abraham Accords’ countries.

These new allies accounted for almost 25% of exports.

Though the report did not name countries, it is known that the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have purchased defense products and Morocco and Sudan are also part of the Abraham Accords.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said, “The remarkable data unveiled by the Israeli defense establishment, reaching new heights in defense exports, showcases the State of Israel's strength and excellent technological capabilities. Through the creativity and innovation of both the Israeli defense establishment and the Ministry of Defense, we not only outpace our adversaries but also sustain our qualitative edge.”

Defense Ministry Director-General Eyal Zamir stated, “Global instability increases the demand for Israeli air defense systems, drones, UAVs, and missiles, and we continually work to preserve our capabilities and strengthen them.”

Director of SIBAT Brig. Gen. (res.) Yair Kulas added, “Looking ahead, the geostrategic changes in Europe and Asia in addition to the Abraham Accords generate a high demand for Israel’s cutting-edge systems. The Defense Ministry is actively collaborating with Israeli defense industries to continually increase the scope of defense exports.”

Defense exports increased by 50% compared to previous three years

The report said that 2022 saw a 50% increase compared to the previous three years and that the volume of sales had doubled compared to the prior decade.

Missiles, rockets and other air defense systems accounted for 19%, while drones accounted for 25% of exports.

Radar and Electronic Warfare accounted for 13% of sales.

Regarding regions, the Asia and Pacific regions made up 30% of sales, while Europe made up 29% and North America made up 11%.

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