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In Morocco, Israeli MK Illouz urges foreign parliament members to expand Abraham Accords

June 14, 2023

Dan Illouz urges parliament members from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, other nations to 'be on the right side of history' by normalizing relations with Israel

"Urge your governments to be on the right side of history" – Israeli lawmaker Dan Illouz on Wednesday spoke in four languages to members of parliament from all over the world, calling on them to join the Abraham Accords and normalize relations with the Jewish state.

Illouz's speech during the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) conference in Morocco was attended by members of parliament from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and other countries that have been reportedly considering joining the Abraham Accords – the U.S.-brokered deal that saw Arab states normalize ties with Israel. The Iranian delegation left the room when the Israeli spoke.

"We will beat them in every arena," Illouz said in a tweet, referring to the Iranians that left during his speech.

Illouz, chairman of the Israeli parliament’s Abraham Accords caucus, noted the importance of the agreements that promote peace in the Middle East. 

"The new peace we have created is important far beyond the material benefits we enjoy. It is built on shared values and mutual appreciation of our differences. As a proud Israeli, I stand before you today, in Morocco, a proud Arab country, as a witness to the peace we can achieve when we focus on the values we share,” he said. 

“The peace we sow with the help of the Abraham Accords will lead to a world that our children will inherit. We will provide them with a world of understanding, prosperity, and harmony."

Israeli parliament member Danny Danon, who headed the Israeli delegation at the IPU conference, tweeted that he was excited "to see how the covenants of [the Abraham Accords] that my friends and I worked on turn from a vision into a reality. It's amazing every time."

"We continue to strengthen relations with the countries of the region and to promote cooperation and alliances that will strengthen Israel's security and economy," Danon added.

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