Hebrew lessons in high demand in Gulf in wake of Abraham Accords

February 04, 2022

By Dan Levie

Al-Atwai is convinced that the level of interest in the secrets of the Hebrew language will only grow. "Language is the most direct connection to different cultures, and the ability to communicate in another language allows people to research religion, community, traditions, the arts and history of people who are connected to this language. In addition, it will also strengthen the economy and the business between the two countries.

"The Kingdom of Bahrain was always an excellent example in the region of tolerance and coexistence and is known as a land of peace. Luckily much has changed over the past year, and many Bahrainis are approaching me in order to learn more about Jews and the Hebrew language, and are even interested in learning it. Many of them are also interested in visiting Israel in order to know more about it. I am convinced that there will be more developments on this issue in the near future."

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