Op-Ed: Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: Abraham Accords Free Trade Area

February 28, 2023

By Robert Greenway

This essay by Robert Greenway, executive director of the Abraham Accords Peace Institute and a Hudson adjunct fellow, is part of the Caravan series of the Working Group on the Middle East and the Islamic World (

The Abraham Accords provide an unprecedented opportunity to increase trade and investment among its members significantly by establishing a regional free trade area that would ensure progress toward their aspirations, preserve the integrity and stability of global markets, fuel growth, and constrain China‚Äôs predatory trade practices.

Signatories to the accords committed to a shared vision of peace and prosperity and recognized that economic integration can enable members to achieve their long-term economic goals. The accords have paved the way for comprehensive partnerships on a variety of issues related to security, trade, investment, the environment, innovation, tourism, energy, and other key sectors. While the growth in bilateral trade is of great significance, the true transformative power of these peace agreements lies in expanding regional integration and cooperation.

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