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AAPI Partners with HVS Global Consulting on Tourism Initiatives

June 02, 2022

By Abraham Accords Peace Institute

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Effective June 2, 2022, the Abraham Accords Peace Institute is partnering with HVS, a global consulting firm with over 50 offices throughout the world and the only major consulting firm focused exclusively on the hospitality industry. AAPI will work with HVS overseas to establish mechanisms aimed at tracking detailed tourism data in each Abraham Accords country, introduce systems to collate and monitor performance relating to tourism, conduct research and analysis on optimizing cooperation on tourism, and facilitate the coordination of AAPI’s tourism-related events within Abraham Accords countries.  

 In anticipation of the new partnership, AAPI’s President and Executive Director Robert Greenway said, “HVS’ wealth of expertise and experience will help AAPI identify and seize opportunities to strengthen and expand people-to-people connections among Accords members.” 

This initiative will be spearheaded by Steve Mendell, Founder of the HVS Offices in Europe, Africa, The Middle East and Asia; and Russell Kett, Chairman of the HVS office in London. Steve Mendell highlighted this partnership by saying, "The Abraham Accords are the most significant development in the Middle East in decades and that AAPI is particularly well positioned to continue to develop and deepen the Accords." Russell Kett said, “Based on HVS’ broad experience in tourism generally and in the Middle East in particular, we are confident HVS can be a force multiplier for AAPI’s efforts to strengthen the Accords.